All About A Quick Biography Of Ukraine’s Hottest Musical Icon

All About A Quick Biography Of Ukraine’s Hottest Musical Icon

Both at home and in Europe over the last year, ONUKA has shot to critical and popular success. But front-woman Nata Zhyzhchenko’s greatest success can be fusing Ukrainian antiquity with electronic modernity and answering the changing times. Zhyzhchenko, the best woman for the band ONUKA, is among the pop that is brightest social phenomena of twenty-first century Ukraine. This woman is a musician effective at harmoniously blending folk traditions with metropolitan noises. She actually is an actress whom additionally produces pictures and concepts just as much as she does songs. And this woman is one of many heroines associated with the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, the singer whoever record album “Vidlik” has now reached the maps in ten nations.

Growing up when you look at the 1980’s and 1990’s, Nata’s life ended up being defined by two metropolitan areas positioned 150 kilometers aside: Kyiv and Chernihiv. The administrative centre had been boiling with loud life, whilst the more provincial Chernihiv (located near the edge with Belarus) held greater silence and nature. But both populous towns and cities had music. Small Nata (she shall be known as “Nata” for the remainder of the article) ended up being a soloist in a metal musical organization situated in Kyiv. And her grandfather Oleksandr Shlyonchik, a popular builder of folk instruments, lived in Chernihiv.

A huge town in addition to a tiny one, worldwide activities and life far from chaos, scenes of concert halls and a property where her ancestors worked, the rumbling of rhythm while the murmur of this chamber melody — these dualities formed Nata’s perspective, which mixes the traditions associated with the hundreds of years additionally the innovations of a brand new epoch. And with this conference of past and future, ONUKA was created.

The Lady Aided By The Panpipes

Whenever Nata had been four years of age, her grandfather taught her to try out the panpipes. ادامه خواندن “All About A Quick Biography Of Ukraine’s Hottest Musical Icon”

Exactly about Why directly guys Gaze at Gay Women

Exactly about Why directly guys Gaze at Gay Women

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