6 Steps to Applying for a Spouse Visa From Abroad

6 Steps to Applying for a Spouse Visa From Abroad

You may be hitched and prepared to begin your lifetime together into the U.S. But, being a internationwide national, you must make an application for a partner visa (marriage-based green card) first. This informative article is targeted on the card that is green for U.S. residents sponsoring partners residing abroad, commonly known as consular processing.

Comprehending the Spouse Visa

Step one along the way is obtaining an immigrant visa. There’s two kinds of immigrant visas for spouses residing abroad:

  • Conditional Resident Spouse Visa (CR-1)
  • Immediate spouse that is relative (IR-1)

The procedures are identical for obtaining a resident that is conditional an instantaneous general. The difference that is only the 2 could be the amount of time which you have already been married. You may be qualified to receive conditional residency when you yourself have been married for under couple of years. You will get a card that is green conditions as an instantaneous general (IR) when you have been hitched for over 2 yrs. a resident that is conditionalCR) will need to simply simply just take one step later on to get rid of conditions.

Only a U.S. resident can use for a CR or IR visa for the internationwide spouse that is national. Permanent residents may make an application for an international national partner under a various, a lot longer process. Your unmarried kids underneath the chronilogical age of 21 may be included on split card that is green.

Within the past, couples benefited from meetmindful price obtaining A k-3 visa that permitted the international national to enter the nation to participate her U.S. ادامه خواندن “6 Steps to Applying for a Spouse Visa From Abroad”